US Make a Difference

Yianni Stamas Comments on One of the Longest Running Citizen Science Surveys Called National Bird Day

The Difference Between USA Make a Difference and US Make a Difference

People ask about the difference between USA Make a Difference and US Make a Difference. You will note that one uses the abreviation of “USA,” while the other employs just “US.” The main difference between the two is that USA Make a Difference is an organization that oversees various organizations committed to making a difference while US Make a Difference is a subset of the first group as well as is an actual awards ceremony.

Join an Important Cause

US Make a Difference is committed today, January 5th, to focusing on making a difference in the lives of birds. The special meaning of this date is that it is known as National Bird Day. This celebration was developed by an organization called Born Free USA which is dedicated to animal protection all across the United States. It looks to lessen the suffering of birds in captivity and the destructive breeding mills that sell them to pet stores.

An Unfortunate Process

The bottom line is that there are literally millions of birds that are captured in their natural habitats by breeders and in turn are sold to pet stores, with both entities profitting from this unfortunate process.

Negative Affect

It is noted that birds have very specific natural physical and beharioral needs. Sadly the birds captured in cages can lead to having a very negative affect on the behavior of these birds.

How You Can Help

Would you like to participate in this important celebration? The way that you can help is to get birds from a pet store only if you are committed to taking care of the birds for their lifetime. You can also adopt a bird taken from its habbitat.

Bottom Line

With your help together we can increase the desire for birds to exist in their natural habbitat rather than being sold as pets.