US or USA?

“US” or “USA”?

A Slight Difference

Some people think that it is a little weird having one website named “US Make Difference” and the other one being called “USA Make a Difference.” The only difference between the two titles is that the former begins with “US” and the latter, “USA.”

How Did it Happen?

How did it happen that both “US Make a Difference” and “USA Make a Difference” were created by the same person? Was it intentional? Not exactly. Creating this redundancy was the result of the PIAs creator acting on impulse instead of thinking it through. After closing the annual Platinum PIAs Awards, following a very successful decade, left its founder in a conundrum. He felt obligated to carry on the PIAs tradition of recognizing those who made a difference in their communities, but initially came up with the idea of producing another awards show that would pick up where the PIAs left off. Hence “US Make a Difference” was born.

A Rushed Website and a Different Idea

A website for the idea was created quickly followed by a rushed development of its written content. But within a day of doing so, the founder came to the conclusion that the Platinum PIAs had been a special 10-year experience, but it was now time to close the book. was already on the web, so he left it there and started on a new game plan: USA Make a Difference. This concept was inspired by the mission of the Platinum PIAs but was not an awards show. It was a community organization that via the internet would make a difference by helping you make a difference.

A New Direction

USA Make a Difference was conceived as being an entity that would help people who wanted to grow a business while simultaneously having a positive impact on their community. This new group would do everything digitally online, in part because of the ever-present COVID-19 and its variants making it challenging to conduct in-person person meetings. The mission “making a difference by helping you make a difference,” is being implemented by “USA Make a Difference” by implementing a free weekly email newsletter as well as digital goods and services, plus by overseeing the Blog Coalition which is a network of nearly 60 community blogs dedicated to empowering your business, non-profit or self-employed venture.