US Make a Difference

US Make a Difference: Are We Up to It?

US Make a Difference

Change is Not Easy

There’s a lot going on in America, good and bad, and most of us are feeling the pinch. Those of us in New York City have been working especially hard on both current issues. We are making a difference terms of both justice and the virus. I’ve been a resident of Manhattan for over 30 years, and never have I seen the city like this. Change is uncomfortable, change isn’t easy, but we must do it.

ALL of the US is Included!

Do you know of someone either in New York or any area in the US who is making a difference? If so, we at “US Make a Difference” would like to know about this person as a possible nominee for the “US Make a Difference” Awards. After 10 years of producing annually an awards show that also made a difference (but at the time mostly in NYC), we bring you this brand new awards show that picks up where the other left off, but now includes all of the US!

Impressive Data

It feels good to make a difference. It feels good even when you are not seen making a difference. The point is to do right by humanity and change the US, in little increments. If we all do our part, we WILL make a BIG difference. Look at New York. It had the worse stats and yet with the willpower of New Yorkers, the numbers went way down. Recently our governor stopped doing his daily check-in with the public and before closing this format, revealed the impressive data.

US Make a Difference

So the question remains, US are we going to make a difference? Of course we are! All faiths, creeds and even political parties are going to become unified. Leadership WILL make it into positions of making a difference and will use this power to better our incredible country. We invite you to take part in this amazing time of change and submit folks who you know who are, well, making a difference! In short, we ARE up to is, so “US Make a Difference!”