A Revolution?

Is a Change a Revolution?


Not so long ago we met with the Stamas Bros to be a part of the testing period of what they plan to be a blog. At this point it is just primarily seeing the two of them who are 3,000 miles away, talking shop. Yesterday’s test involved having their faces in the upper area to the left, as they talk about the change that is going on. Is it a revolution?

No more “Target” and no more “Prospect?”

Things are shifting in our country and you are either in or out. Our version of being “in” is changing the language or marketing. As seen in the podcast’s first thrillisode. The Bros began to ask the question is “target your prospects” the right way to say define your audience and reach out to them?

Naming the Podcast

Another thing that happened in webisode #1 was the looking at what the name should be. Should it be simply “The Stamas Bros’ Marketing Podcast,” or should it be more specific as a combination of my 11 year old daughter and Stamas Bro Aristotle came up with which is:

“Welcome to The Peloponnesian Spartan Stamas Bros Googlecast of Google Rockstars!” Maybe it’s a little long? Or not long enough?