Home Based Business Positive Outlook

Video Film Web

US Make a Difference did not exist from 2001 – 2013 which was the span that VideoFilmWeb, the noted production company, did. It served artists, businesses and nonprofits. US Make a Difference was one of the several organizations that came about as an outgrowth of VFW.

More Time on Your Hands at Home

US Make a Difference is not only in and of itself an awards presentation, but also helps other similar awards show such as the Big Apple Awards for educators and the Platinum PIAs for those who make a difference. The Platinum PIAs is, as of this writing, transitioning into being called the Home Business Awards. This is because of the influx of new Home Businesses due to COVID-19 which resulted in people having more time on their hands at home to be able to develop projects.

A Positive Outlook

These home based businesses are unified in conjunction with Home Business Achievers which is both a Home Based Business as well as is an umbrella for several other home based businesses. It is in this sharing and having a positive outlook, that home based undertakings are thriving.