US or USA?

“US” or “USA”?

A Slight Difference

Some people think that it is a little weird having one website named “US Make Difference” and the other one being called “USA Make a Difference.” The only difference between the two titles is that the former begins with “US” and the latter, “USA.”

How Did it Happen?

How did it happen that both “US Make a Difference” and “USA Make a Difference” were created by the same person? Was it intentional? Not exactly. Creating this redundancy was the result of the PIAs creator acting on impulse instead of thinking it through. After closing the annual Platinum PIAs Awards, following a very successful decade, left its founder in a conundrum. He felt obligated to carry on the PIAs tradition of recognizing those who made a difference in their communities, but initially came up with the idea of producing another awards show that would pick up where the PIAs left off. Hence “US Make a Difference” was born.

A Rushed Website and a Different Idea

A website for the idea was created quickly followed by a rushed development of its written content. But within a day of doing so, the founder came to the conclusion that the Platinum PIAs had been a special 10-year experience, but it was now time to close the book. was already on the web, so he left it there and started on a new game plan: USA Make a Difference. This concept was inspired by the mission of the Platinum PIAs but was not an awards show. It was a community organization that via the internet would make a difference by helping you make a difference.

A New Direction

USA Make a Difference was conceived as being an entity that would help people who wanted to grow a business while simultaneously having a positive impact on their community. This new group would do everything digitally online, in part because of the ever-present COVID-19 and its variants making it challenging to conduct in-person person meetings. The mission “making a difference by helping you make a difference,” is being implemented by “USA Make a Difference” by implementing a free weekly email newsletter as well as digital goods and services, plus by overseeing the Blog Coalition which is a network of nearly 60 community blogs dedicated to empowering your business, non-profit or self-employed venture.

US Make a Difference

Yianni Stamas Comments on One of the Longest Running Citizen Science Surveys Called National Bird Day

The Difference Between USA Make a Difference and US Make a Difference

People ask about the difference between USA Make a Difference and US Make a Difference. You will note that one uses the abreviation of “USA,” while the other employs just “US.” The main difference between the two is that USA Make a Difference is an organization that oversees various organizations committed to making a difference while US Make a Difference is a subset of the first group as well as is an actual awards ceremony.

Join an Important Cause

US Make a Difference is committed today, January 5th, to focusing on making a difference in the lives of birds. The special meaning of this date is that it is known as National Bird Day. This celebration was developed by an organization called Born Free USA which is dedicated to animal protection all across the United States. It looks to lessen the suffering of birds in captivity and the destructive breeding mills that sell them to pet stores.

An Unfortunate Process

The bottom line is that there are literally millions of birds that are captured in their natural habitats by breeders and in turn are sold to pet stores, with both entities profitting from this unfortunate process.

Negative Affect

It is noted that birds have very specific natural physical and beharioral needs. Sadly the birds captured in cages can lead to having a very negative affect on the behavior of these birds.

How You Can Help

Would you like to participate in this important celebration? The way that you can help is to get birds from a pet store only if you are committed to taking care of the birds for their lifetime. You can also adopt a bird taken from its habbitat.

Bottom Line

With your help together we can increase the desire for birds to exist in their natural habbitat rather than being sold as pets.

US Make a Difference

Vote Today and Sparkle

Pleease vote today. It is important.We know that sometimes it is about voting for who you feel is the less evil, but sometimes this is how it is. Believe it or not your vote actually does make a difference. And hey, if you have the guts and really want to make a difference, run for a political position.


Home Based Business Positive Outlook

Video Film Web

US Make a Difference did not exist from 2001 – 2013 which was the span that VideoFilmWeb, the noted production company, did. It served artists, businesses and nonprofits. US Make a Difference was one of the several organizations that came about as an outgrowth of VFW.

More Time on Your Hands at Home

US Make a Difference is not only in and of itself an awards presentation, but also helps other similar awards show such as the Big Apple Awards for educators and the Platinum PIAs for those who make a difference. The Platinum PIAs is, as of this writing, transitioning into being called the Home Business Awards. This is because of the influx of new Home Businesses due to COVID-19 which resulted in people having more time on their hands at home to be able to develop projects.

A Positive Outlook

These home based businesses are unified in conjunction with Home Business Achievers which is both a Home Based Business as well as is an umbrella for several other home based businesses. It is in this sharing and having a positive outlook, that home based undertakings are thriving.

A Revolution?

Is a Change a Revolution?


Not so long ago we met with the Stamas Bros to be a part of the testing period of what they plan to be a blog. At this point it is just primarily seeing the two of them who are 3,000 miles away, talking shop. Yesterday’s test involved having their faces in the upper area to the left, as they talk about the change that is going on. Is it a revolution?

No more “Target” and no more “Prospect?”

Things are shifting in our country and you are either in or out. Our version of being “in” is changing the language or marketing. As seen in the podcast’s first thrillisode. The Bros began to ask the question is “target your prospects” the right way to say define your audience and reach out to them?

Naming the Podcast

Another thing that happened in webisode #1 was the looking at what the name should be. Should it be simply “The Stamas Bros’ Marketing Podcast,” or should it be more specific as a combination of my 11 year old daughter and Stamas Bro Aristotle came up with which is:

“Welcome to The Peloponnesian Spartan Stamas Bros Googlecast of Google Rockstars!” Maybe it’s a little long? Or not long enough?

US Make a Difference

US Make a Difference: Are We Up to It?

US Make a Difference

Change is Not Easy

There’s a lot going on in America, good and bad, and most of us are feeling the pinch. Those of us in New York City have been working especially hard on both current issues. We are making a difference terms of both justice and the virus. I’ve been a resident of Manhattan for over 30 years, and never have I seen the city like this. Change is uncomfortable, change isn’t easy, but we must do it.

ALL of the US is Included!

Do you know of someone either in New York or any area in the US who is making a difference? If so, we at “US Make a Difference” would like to know about this person as a possible nominee for the “US Make a Difference” Awards. After 10 years of producing annually an awards show that also made a difference (but at the time mostly in NYC), we bring you this brand new awards show that picks up where the other left off, but now includes all of the US!

Impressive Data

It feels good to make a difference. It feels good even when you are not seen making a difference. The point is to do right by humanity and change the US, in little increments. If we all do our part, we WILL make a BIG difference. Look at New York. It had the worse stats and yet with the willpower of New Yorkers, the numbers went way down. Recently our governor stopped doing his daily check-in with the public and before closing this format, revealed the impressive data.

US Make a Difference

So the question remains, US are we going to make a difference? Of course we are! All faiths, creeds and even political parties are going to become unified. Leadership WILL make it into positions of making a difference and will use this power to better our incredible country. We invite you to take part in this amazing time of change and submit folks who you know who are, well, making a difference! In short, we ARE up to is, so “US Make a Difference!”