The “US Make a Difference” Awards

Each year, we at give out awards to those who make a difference in the US community. That is why we call the awards show, the “US Make a Difference” Awards. It is the outgrowth of a similar annual awards show that we did both online and off in Manhattan, NY for ten consecutive years.

The difference between that long running awards show and this one is that ANYONE in the entire United States could possibly win a “US Make a Difference” award, or as we like to call like to call the show “The Doves” because doves symbolize peace. “And the Dove goes to…” Therefore, if you know a likely candidate please nominate that person by going to

In a post Coronavirus world, now more than ever it is important that Americans help Americans. The phrase “US Make a Difference” is to us a message that we send to our beloved United States. We ask that you consider making a difference in the lives of other Americans in the best way you can. This can take on many forms.

Things you can do to make a difference include that you donate blood on a regular basis, feed stray animals, organize several clean up drives, perform for kids in children’s’ hospitals, volunteer at a suicide hotline, raise money for a good cause, mentor someone, stop the use of plastic bags by using cloth ones instead, volunteer at a homeless shelter, start a mission oriented nonprofit, help others with your expertise or create a website that either fully or partially addresses an important issue or issues.